We work very hard to provide a treatment plan that will not only fix much of the underlying stenosis (narrowing) of spine but also to keep it away. While much of that is accomplished through spinal decompression on the DRX-9000, not all of it is. We have spent years developing an effective treatment program that will not only improve stenosis but stabilize it as well to provide protection for it going forward.

In cases of stenosis traditional spinal manipulation poses a potential risk to the underlying tissues in the spinal canals, meaning that your pain and the narrowing could get worse. Traditional manipulation is done using your hands to twist and contort the spine to create a desired movement in spinal joints. The benefits of spinal manipulation in many spinal conditions have been well-proven to be beneficial, but is risky for the condition of spinal stenosis. In an effort to eliminate those risks but still provide the benefits of manipulation we utilize a computerized system called a ProAdjuster to our treatment programs for stenosis. There is no popping, twisting or contorting of the spine while using this system. We can help restore proper movement to the spine which goes a long ways in providing stability and long-term pain relief for patients who suffer from spinal stenosis.