Back Pain

If you’re looking for back pain relief in Murray, UT, you’ve come to the right place. Advanced Spine & Disc is a leading provider for severe back pain and sciatica. We specialize in the chronic cases that have failed other therapies, shots and in many cases surgeries. Our advanced technological approach allows us to resolve serious spinal conditions without further surgeries or invasive interventions.

Why do I hurt?

Before anything can actually be done to resolve your problem, we have to identify what is actually going on. You need a diagnosis! We will identify where the problem is and what is causing your pain, because without one you’re not going to get the lasting relief that you’re seeking.

Personalized Treatment

Each person is different, and each condition is different. There is no one-size fits all treatment plans. We are the leading providers for the non-surgical solution to serious spinal conditions and pain. We know what it takes to get you back to your desired activity level and lifestyle and will specifically customize a treatment plan for your condition and circumstances, to give you the best long-term outlook.

Non-Surgical Works Better

The statistics don’t lie when they show that the success rates for back surgery and shots are extremely low. They are no longer your only option for chronic pain. We utilize the most recent technologies to give you a real and long-term solution, without the side effects and risks of traditional invasive therapy.

To see if you are a candidate and if you qualify for this non-surgical approach contact our office. We will identify where the source of the problem is and get you back to living the life that you want to.

Neck & Back Pain Relief – Chiropractic – Degenerated Disc Disease Treatment in Murray, UT