Exercises are an important part of any rehabilitation plan.  It’s the exercises that provide the stability and strength to an area to prevent injury/ damage or in some circumstances keep the injury from getting worse. The incorrect notion that I often see is that exercises will fix a situation where there is real damage to the spine as seen with a bulging/ herniated disc or degenerative disc disease. Even during a flare-up exercises may help to provide some temporary relief but they will not fix/correct the underlying damage. An integrated rehabilitation plan has been found to be the most effective approach in these situations, especially when coupled with spinal decompression.

Of course not every pain coming from the back is coming as a result of an injury/ damaged tissue. A significant portion of general back pain is a result of poor muscle activity which can lead to irritated joints. In these cases specific exercises can help that pain to go away. However, if you find that you’re doing your stretches and exercises regularly but you’re still getting pain then chances are there is an actual injury in your spine that may require a more integrated approach.