We’ve talked about some of the process to fix underlying damage to the spine now I want to give you a glimpse to how we rehabilitate the spine so the problem doesn’t come back.

The hardest muscles to rehab are your intrinsic muscles. These are the small muscles that are closest to our bones and joints and most importantly provide the bulk of the stability for any given joint, especially in the spine. In most cases of of spinal injuries/ damage such as spinal stenosis, herniated/bulging discs, degenerative disc disease it isn’t a matter of weakness of the intrinsic muscles, it’s a matter of activation. Muscle activation refers to a muscle working when it should and with the appropriate force. In fact most often the reason I see an injury/ damage occur is not because of muscle strength, it’s because the muscles are working when they should. Activating these intrinsic muscles is the most effective way to make sure that once an injury/ disorder is fixed that it won’t come back. For info about fixing the actual damage see my other posts.

To activate these muscles I use the LPG Spineforce. This is an advanced system that was created specifically to rehabilitate your intrinsic muscles. It has been researched and proven to provide the stability that your spine needs to stay healthy for years to come. This is a crucial part of the process that we have developed to help not only avoid a surgery now but to avoid one for years to come. Check it out.