There is a growing shift in medicine over the past few years to decrease the number of low back surgeries due to the complications that are associated with them. The research has looked at all the back surgeries that have been done over the past several decades. They’ve analyzed the numbers and concluded that the true success rates are down around 30%. That means that upwards of 70% of patients who have back surgery don’t have a positive outcome. It is because of these low success rates that the shift towards non-surgical therapies has happened. While this shift is good in many cases still leads the patient back to the surgeon in the end because the vast majority of conservative therapies just delay surgery instead of avoiding it all together.

Any therapy that doesn’t fix the underlying injury/damage and in most cases the actual narrowing of the canals (stenosis) in the back or neck, that is causing the pain and symptoms, is only delaying surgery instead of avoiding it all together. Injections, pain pills, physical therapy, and chiropractic adjustments fall into this category. These therapies are there to temporarily manage pain, or to strengthen muscles but do nothing to fix the underlying damage and narrowing causing the pain.

With Spinal Decompression patients are truly able to avoid surgery because decompression addresses the actual damage and narrowing of the canals in the spine. Decompression is able to open up the canals again providing lasting relief. We have proven on MRI repeatedly that we can correct damage that previously would have required surgery. The risks associated with surgery, the potential unwanted side effects of pain pills, and shots can all be avoided. Most importantly patients are able to resume activities that they hadn’t been able to do because of pain.