Sciatica is a Symptom

The Sciatic nerve is a combination of multiple nerves that exit out of your low back. While these nerves exit out individually they come together just before they enter the back of the leg and all run together.  Irritation to any of those nerves will cause a feeling of irritation, pain, numbness, and tingling down into the leg, thigh or buttock.  Nerves don’t just irritate themselves. Injury to the discs/joints of the low back and muscles that surround the nerve are the real issue when you feel sciatica. Sciatica is a symptom!

The most common cause of sciatica is an injury of a disc in your low back. This injury causes both physical and inflammatory compression of one or more of the nerves that make up the sciatic nerve. This situation tends to be more acute and comes on fairly suddenly. In cases where sciatica tends to be more chronic and long-standing, it tends to be a result of the degeneration that will follow an acute disc injury. On rare occasions, it can be caused by spasming of the piriformis muscle in your buttock. This of course is a very broad look at general symptoms and in fact, requires significant experience and expertise to find the underlying injury and problem with sciatica.

When you find sciatic symptoms aren’t going away or routinely come back it is because the real injury causing nerve irritation is still there. Until the injury is properly rehabilitated the underlying disc/ joint injury you will discover your pain and discomfort will continue. Our specialty is rehabilitating and correcting the underlying injuries of the spine that cause sciatica, so when you’re tired of dealing with it we’re here to fix it once and for all.