Most of us have heard that sitting isn’t great for our health. The amount of time that we sit each day will directly correlate to the risk of developing many of the chronic diseases that can shorten your life. These chronic diseases range from diabetes, heart and/or lungs, high blood pressure, obesity and even death. Lets be realistic though, the need to sit isn’t going to change. We sit in just about every aspect of our life, work, driving and at home. The good news is that there are some simple things that we can do to counteract the negative effects.

  • Research has also shown that light physical activity most days a week, e.g walking, hiking, biking, etc. can counteract many of the negative effects of prolonged sitting.
  • Take a break and stand for a few moments every 30 minutes. This can be as simple as walking around the room, standing up to go get a drink, or simply standing up to stretch.
  • Standing desks are a great solution to this problem but I’ve found that they can be difficult to follow through with because the initial few weeks are hard. That being said they are a great help.

Prolonged sitting has also been shown to have a  strong correlation with chronic low back pain. Unfortunately this can create a huge hurdle for even light physical activities. The good news is that there is a solution for chronic low back pain as resulting from sitting in the form of therapeutic exercises, spinal manipulation and in sever cases spinal decompression. If you’re concerned about how much you sit each day, pain from sitting or minimizing risks from prolonged sitting our office would be happy to schedule an evaluation.